For stable value and natural growth


For a good stewardship of all life


For connecting, trust and joy


For innovation and compassion

  • A cooperative fairtrade bank in formation
    B of Joy is a citizens initiative by professionals. We will
    introduce the fixed value currency URA and as soon as
    we have more than 10.000 members we will apply for a
    banking license. We don’t use interest and because of
    this, we are the first real sustainable financial initiative
    in Europe. Interest is like a parasite. It causes shortages
    and crisis just like the current crisis. Instead of interest we
    do offer: Financial, Ecological, Emotional and Social returns
    (F.E.E.S), on the basis of natural growth. We invest in local
    economies and sustainable projects for a healthy and just
    society. A bank of, for and by the people in which we will
    manage our money ourselves. For 25 euro you can join in.
    For 100 euro you can become part-owner.